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11.25.02: Zwan adds honestly to website

If you want to hear the new sound of zwan, has the new song "honestly" in quicktime and windows media player formats.

11.24.02: Zwan Album to be Released Soon, Honestly

According to their official message board, Zwan has signed on the dotted line with Reprise Records. Why the band chose this particular record label is not known. Reprise is also the home of such acts as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., and Filter. The new Zwan album is to be called "Honestly", and the title track will hit airwaves on December 2nd. Also, new tour dates have been added in support of the new album.

I forgot to say this is probably just a rumour tracklisting, since no one else has confirmed it. ;D

The tentative tracklisting is:

And So I Died Of A Broken Heart
Cast A Stone
Endless Summer
Jesus I
For Your Love
Settle Down
Rivers We Can't Cross
El Sol
+ 2 more songs

These songs have been debuted throughout the past year in a cross country tour which included shows in L.A., Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Grand Rapids. Most recently, the members of the band played sets at an open-mic night in Chicago in between studio sessions. Obviously catering to a flock of fans, the new album features numerous fan favorites and lyrical triumphs. Billy, Matt, David, Jimmy, and Paz, veterans of the rock business, know how to make an album.

Upcoming tour dates (most are festivals) include:

12/05/02 -- Las Vegas, NV (Hard Rock Hotel - The Joint)
12/07/02 -- Las Angeles, CA (KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas)
12/11/02 -- Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
12/12/02 -- Uniondale, NY (Nassau Colliseum)
12/13/02 -- Washington, DC (MCI Center)
12/15/02 -- Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center)
12/17/02 -- Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)

The sudden news has Zwan fans excited and relieved at the same time. On the message board, one fan posted,"This is very good news. I haven't checked up much on Zwan lately; I'm glad to see it's starting to come together. I saw the tracklist of what it's supposedly going to be and it looks like a great lineup." Another fan offered,"I approve of the title 'Honestly', because one of the things that I appreciate the most about Zwan's music (or the music of any band I like) is that it's honest." If you are any kind of music fan, Zwan is a band to watch.

by Matt Marquissee, F4M Reporter

11.15.02: Zwan in 'spun'

zwan has at least two songs in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie spun with jason schwartzman (from the band phantom planet and the movie rushmore) and mena suvari. the website is pretty graphic, but the background music from the site is zwan's cover of iron maiden's "666 the number of the beast" with matt sweeney on vocals. the trailer itself for the movie has the song "jesus i." both songs were played at concerts last year, including the one i attended at the emerson theatre in indianapolis.

11.15.02: Billy Corgan's Zwan To Release Debut Single, Album

Just over two years after Billy Corgan sang the Smashing Pumpkins to sleep, his new band, Zwan, will release its debut album on Reprise Records. The still-untitled LP is slated for release in late January/early February, with its first single, "Honestly," set to hit radio in late November, according to a label spokesperson.

Following the Pumpkins' final show in December of 2000, Corgan hardly took the long, lazy vacation he promised to give himself at the time. "I can sleep in for the first time in my life," he said the night before his 22 million-selling band folded up its tent at the Metro, the hometown Chicago club where it all began.

Instead, Corgan began writing new songs, quickly amassing a fresh batch of nearly 50 tunes. Featuring guitarist Matt Sweeney (Chavez), bassist David Pajo (Tortoise) and former Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the new band made its debut less than a year later, performing at the Glass House in Pomona, California, on November 16, 2001 (see "Billy Corgan Ready To Debut His New Band, Zwan"). Zwan recently recruited Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle), who replaced Pajo on bass. Pajo switched to guitar, giving the band a formidable three-guitar lineup.

Zwan's live sound bears a distinct resemblance to the dynamic of the Pumpkins, down to Chamberlin's muscular, jazzy drumming and Corgan's unmistakable buzzsaw whine vocal, but often without the flowing, psychedelic sweep of the Pumpkins' more experimental tracks. Generous amounts of live material available on more than half a dozen Zwan fan sites, in addition to officially-released audio and video on the Zwan site, offers a glimpse of a band that mixes the fluid power of the Pumpkins with a sometimes more straightforward rock sound.

Among the songs the group has performed live, according to set lists from the Zwan Web site are "Jesus, I," "God's Gonna Set This World on Fire," "Glorious," "A New Poetry," "The World Goes Round," "Love Lies in Ruin," "Baby Let's Rock," "Signal This Strong," "Girl With the Cruel Face," "And So I Died of a Broken Heart," "Freedom Ain't What It Used to Be," "Candy Came Calling," "El-A-Noy," "Chicks Just Get in the Way," "Solace and Serenity," "Careless Love," "Roma Girl," "Silly Sally," "Chrysanthemum," "The Shining Path" and "What Have They Done to Me?"

The hushed acoustic ballad "Jesus, I" can be heard in the trailer for "Spun," the upcoming feature from transgressive music video director Jonas Akerlund (Prodigy, Smashing Pumpkins) (see "Members Of Korn, Pumpkins, Wilco Scoring With Movie Music"), starring Jason Schwartzman, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari and "Almost Famous" star Patrick Fugit.

Zwan are hitting a number of holiday radio shows including KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas (Los Angeles, December 8), WBCN's X-Mas Rave (Boston, December 11), WXRK's Claus-Fest (New York, December 12) WHFS' HFSmas Nutcracker (Washington, D.C., December 13), WPLY's FEASTival (Philadelphia, December 15) and CIMX's The Night 89X Stole Christmas (Detroit, December 17), with more dates to be announced soon.

The band's spokesperson said it was not yet known which songs will make it onto the album, but just moments after the Pumpkins' final show (see "Pumpkins Circus Folds Up With Epic Show"), Corgan promised he would not tread the same ground again. "It won't be a variation of the Pumpkins theme," Corgan said of his next project. "It will be a completely different deal and a completely different part of my person."

—Gil Kaufman

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11.14.02: Zwan signs with reprise

BILLY CORGAN's new band ZWAN have signed a deal with REPRISE RECORDS, and the former SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman says he hopes his new outfit will have their debut album recorded by the end of the year.

According to, Zwan also have a string of dates lined up next month. The first date so far listed is at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on December 5, followed by a show at Boston Orpheum Theater as part of radio station WBCN Christmas party on December 11.

Dates then follow as part of various radio stations' Christmas events in Boston (December 11), Washington, DC (13), Philadelphia (15) and Detroit on December 17.

The band, whose line-up is Jimmy Chamberlin on drums and vocals, Matt Sweeney, formerly of Chavez and Slint's Dave Pajo on guitar, with Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle on bass - made their live debut almost a year ago, and according to Corgan's most recent post on, they have been focusing on their new album.

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11.11.02: Zwan release

Lets hope this is right.

November - December
Cave In TBD (RCA)
doubleDrive "Imprint" (Roadrunner)
Evanescence “Bring Me To Life” (Wind-up)
Jane’s Addiction Hypersonic (Warner Bros.)
Otep "Blood Pigs" (Capitol)
Pearl Jam Riot Act (Epic) (11/12)
Staind (Elektra/EEG)
Type O Negative TBD (Roadrunner)
Pete Yorn TBD (Columbia/CRG)
Zwan (Billy Corgan’s new band) TBD (Reprise)

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11.10.02: Zwan live

Zwan will be playing the WHFS Holiday Show on December 13th in Washington DC with acts such as The Vines, Coldplay, and the Queens of the Stone Age.

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11.10.02: Vieuphoria / Earphoria release date backed up

unfortunately it seems that the vieuphoria/earphoria release date has been pushed back a week. im guessing to not compete with audioslave and a bunch of other new cd's. pearl jam went a week early to avoid this.

A lot of sites are now listing November 26th as the new release date.


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10.23.02: Corgan: Zwan Debut Set 'Just About Done'

Zwan, Billy Corgan's Chicago-based, post-Smashing Pumpkins outfit, is wrapping up work on its debut studio album. "The Zwan album is just about done and we are all very excited and proud that we were able to come together to make this possible," writes Corgan in a post to the message board of the band's official Web site.

"We've been having a lot of fun, working like wizards under red lights here in the studio," Corgan continues. "Everyone has worked very hard so we could make the first Zwan record a reality by the end of this year, and it looks like we will probably be playing some shows after Thanksgiving."

Zwan is comprised of Corgan on guitar and vocals, former Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, former Chavez guitarist Matt Sweeney, ex-Slint guitarist David Pajo, and bassist Paz Lechantin, previously a member of A Perfect Circle. An official release date or label for the album is not yet known. In related news, Corgan also writes of the upcoming DVD reissue of the 1994 Smashing Pumpkins video compilation "Vieuphoria," which arrives Nov. 19 from Virgin and will also be delivered in an audio-only version dubbed "Earphoria."

"Everyone agreed that it was the most exciting and dramatic footage of the Pumpkins that we had ever seen from around the 'Vieuphoria' time period of '88-'94," Corgan posts. "The tapes are from 1994, and prior to finding them we didn't even know these tapes existed. They are a little raw, but really do capture the spirit and aggression of the band back in the good old days."

article courtesy of billboard.


October 12, 2002 - 5:45 am ET - CDNow, offers 30% off deal for pre-order of Vieuphoria. You can now purchase Vieuphoria for only $13.99 here. The Vieuphoria DVD will released November 26th and has extra footage.

10.08.02: Billy's posting again...

here is his latest post from the oboards talking about zwan's new album, the release of the vieuphoria dvd, and special news about jimmy c.


Ah, it's been such a long know, relatively speaking, not too long I suppose, but fortunately long enough...that's for you escher the past, my posts have probably seemed a bit too obscure for I will keep this happily simple so no one can complain (yeah, right!)...this being a positive age, or at least one that begs for positivity, I will stay on the 'sunny side of street' and be the bearer of only good news...the zwan album is just about done and we are all very excited and proud that we were able to come together to make this possible...we've been having a lot of fun, working like wizards under red lights here in the studio... and once a week we foray into reality for jack sweeney's open mic nights at the hideout/chicago, who were gracious enough to let us have their stage once a week to do as we wish, and we've been lucky enough to be able to share the night with some of the best artists chicago has to offer...everyone in zwan has worked very ! hard so we could make the first zwan record a reality by the end of this year...and it looks like we will probably be playing some shows after thanksgiving, so please come and check us out if you can...and now for some really exciting news regarding the vieuphoria dvd that's coming out for christmas...when we decided to finally put out vieuphoria on dvd, the idea to put out some additional footage came up...unfortunately, a lot of the tapes that made up the original version are missing...but we managed to find some of them, and look for extra songs from the same concerts in the honest hope of uncovering something fresh...unfortunately, a lot of what I saw really wasn't that goose pimple worthy, and as only a few weeks ago the only extra on the dvd was going to some in-studio footage on the making of siamese be fair, the siamese studio footage is actually quite entertaining, but it didn't really feel like we were adding that much to the original vieuphoria... Which brings me to the point of all this explaining...I had asked a friend who works for us to look thru some of our stuff to see if we had our own copies of the footage that was missing...he couldn't find what I had asked for, and in frustration started digging around in some old cases seeing if anything had been overlooked...these are old cases from the siamese dreams tours that we keep in a storage locker...also in there is stuff from when bandmembers have moved, you know, old lamps and couches and james' blacklight paintings...anyhow, underneath some old tires he found a small cardboard box with some unlabled videotapes...he brought these tapes here to the studio and said I should look at them because it could be what I was looking when I put the tapes in, I really wasn't expecting much at all, certainly not what he had found...I watched the tapes, and couldn't believe what I was seeing...I had jimmy watch them with me, and we were so excited we asked anyone around us, including matt, david, and paz to tell us what they thought...everyone agreed that it was the most exciting and dramatic footage of the pumpkins that we had ever seen from around the vieuphoria time period of 88-94...the tapes are from 1994, and prior to finding them we didn't even know these tapes existed...they are a little raw, but really do capture the spirit and aggresion of the band back in the good old days...on a personal note, jimmy's wife lori is about to have a baby, and all of the zwan family is waiting as we speak to get the call to go up to the hospital to be with both of them, so please send them your prayers...we really appreciate all the good energy, support, and love that everyone has shown us over the past year and a half...thanks a lot, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon, wherever you are (this means you australia, and south america too)...all the best bc.

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10.06.02: Smashing Pumpkins VHS Revised As DVD

Vieuphoria, a 1994 Smashing Pumpkins VHS compiling various live performances by the band, will resurface as a DVD with additional footage on November 19. Now titled VieuphoriaDVD, the Virgin Records release will also include the companion CD Euphoria, which features audio tracks of all songs found on the DVD.

VieuphoriaDVD documents the Chicago band on stage in 1993-94 during its Siamese Dream era, mostly through television appearances both in the U.S. and abroad. Original content still featured here includes clips of "Quiet," "Disarm," "Cherub Rock" (acoustic), "Today," "I Am One," "Soma," "Slunk," "Geek USA," "Mayonnaise" (acoustic), and "Silverf--k."

As well, VieuphoriaDVD will be upgraded with a 10-minute conversation between the band and a Virgin Records executive that's dubbed "The Unbearable Likeness Of Manny," a U.K. performance of "Rhinoceros," and three clips from MTV's 120 Minutes.

Rock on!

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09.19.02: Ex-Pumpkin rarely comes out of his shell

It's safe to say that no open-mike night in the city draws a crowd like Jack Sweeney's Monday hootenanny at the Hideout. Of course, no other open-mike night promises an appearance by a bona-fide rock hero. It was supposedly a secret that the event's host was Matt, not "Jack," Sweeney--guitarist in Billy Corgan's new band, Zwan. But after the former Smashing Pumpkins star and another new bandmate, David Pajo, reportedly joined Sweeney onstage for several songs Sept. 9, the secret was out. This Monday, the club was filled to capacity hours before the event's scheduled 11:30 p.m. start.

The moment of anticipation finally arrived just before closing time, then passed in a flash: About 1:20 a.m., Corgan took the stage with an acoustic 12-string guitar, then sang and played a pair of tunes to end the set.

That cameo was just the capstone of an u! ncommon evening that had all the variety and some of the questionable quality of a typical open mike, plus a whole lot more star power.

There was a taste of that star power from the start, when Hideout co-owner Tim Tuten announced from the stage that host Jack Sweeney was attending the Rolling Stones concert at the Aragon and would be replaced by "his little brother, Jackie O."

The substitute was a grinning Corgan, clad in a vintage Toronto Maple Leafs hockey sweater and a black floppy hat. He introduced such acts as Hideout regulars Matt Weber and Nora O'Connor, who played a Ted Hawkins tune, and Sonia Dada vocalist Paris Delane, who applied a crowd-pleasing, room-shaking basso profundo to a medley of blues, doo-wop and gospel songs. Corgan stood by the stage and listened, often nodding along, smiling and clapping.

Fans got a taste of Zwan when, after midnight, Matt Sweeney arrived. He played a solo acoustic cover of a Roky Erickson tune, then was joine! d by David Pajo on piano for Jimmie Dale Gilmore's "Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown." But Corgan stayed off stage and out of sight. When Sweeney announced a brief intermission, the restless crowd thought it was a pause before a real Zwan performance. It wasn't.

What they got instead was a stubby, stocky little black-clad guy at the piano, playing and crooning sincere covers of Brian Wilson's "Caroline, No" and Elton John's "Your Song." The artist? None other than a blissed-out Conrad Keely, noted wildman leader of indie heroes And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, who had played at the Riviera the night before. The humor seemed lost on the Corgan devotees, who like Linus and Sally waited well into the night for the Great Pumpkin.

But the man of the hour stayed stageside and silent as bandmate Pajo, who did time in Slint and Tortoise, and also records as Papa M, performed a song on piano. Next up were Philadelphia's Burning Brides--also in town on Sun! day's Riviera bill; Zwan's newest member, bassist Paz Lenchantin, who sang a pretty tune in Portuguese and accompanied herself on guitar, and local pop songwriter Chris Holmes.

By this time the clock had crept well into the wee hours, and the Hideout's back room was half empty. But it filled up again when Matt Sweeney introduced "Mr. William Corgan." Indie-rock poet laureate and Chicago scene graybeard Thax Douglas blessed the event with a few words from his tattered notebook, and the stage was finally Corgan's alone.

Like any star worth his salt, he'd made a costume change--from the old Leafs sweater to a similarly retro-chic Houston Astros jersey. And he'd doffed the cap, his trademark dome aglow.

Corgan's tunes were slow, elegant strummers. The first featured the refrain "Fade away, that's all we do/Fade away from the truth/Desires fade away." The second, he joked, was "a special song, because it's the 500th sad song I've written." This one included t! he chorus "Underneath the best, you lie chained/A rose upon your breast, nothing's changed." Its last line: "Am I really here?"

Luckily for his sleep-deprived disciples, the answer was yes.

article courtesy of siva.

09.12.02: New James Iha Song - Never Ever

A new James Iha song has surfaced here in the United States after being released in Japan in the 2002-2003 Vapor catalog. I'll try to get this on the BlamoNet server as soon as I get some bandwidth freed up.

To describe the song, it's sounds like something from the Smashing Pumpkins Adore era, it has a lot of ebow guitar effects and a drum machine. It's mostly an instrumental as you can see below the lyrics aren't too involved.


Never Ever
Never Ever
Sometimes Never
Never Ever
Never Ever
Never Ever
Sometimes Never
Never Ever
Never Ever

Never Ever
Never Ever
Sometimes Never
Never Ever
Never Ever
Never Ever
Sometimes Never
Never Ever
Never Ever

Never Ever no...i didnt copy it four times

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