A classic restaurant on a corner of a quiet block in Soho.  The concept was to create a restaurant that blended in with the rest of New York.  The character is timeless, and the space neither stands out nor blends in.  Combining three separate spaces leads to a changing story in the same restaurant – from Oyster Bar connected to Bar and, moving deeper, transitioning into a formal Dining Room.

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Noho Hospitality
Interior Design, Creative Direction
Roman and Williams
Adrian Gaut, S. Alesch, & Others

The Dining Room

Through a series of tight hallways, tucked in the back adjacent to the display kitchen is the quiet corner of the restaurant.  A change of tone, lighting and scale make an intimate surround and a more formal setting with a lower ceiling and softer light.

Outside In

Three large storefronts on Prince and Sullivan were removed and rebuilt with the main purpose of opening the restaurant to the outside.  Walking down the block on a warm night brings the sound of the restaurant out into the street and connects the two.

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