Based on the traditional Roman cafes from Sant’Eustachio to Caffe Tazzo D’oro, Kava was designed around the idea that a great coffee can be found in a stand up café.  The small footprint on Washington Street allowed for a long centerpiece bar accented only with strong ceiling lights and an intricately detailed radial terrazzo floor.  Designed with traditional Italian materials- terrazzo, brass, bronze mirror and wood, the design was meant to subtly invoke a classic Italian palate inspired from its racing heritage- from Touring Maserati to the immaculate craft found in Riva Yachts.

Kava Cafe NYC
Kava Cafe NYC


Italian Heritage throughout the design, finishes, equipment and decoration.


Even the espresso machines work a work of art.  The first pair of Italian Marzocco Stradas in the US anchor the front of the bar as its engine.


Large shallow domes and brass accent lights create a soft clean glow in the space, subtly highlighting the walls decorated with religious art from Lazio.


to finish the space, a team decorative painters layered the ceiling and walls in a perfect high-gloss enamel finish to evoke italian race cars.

Kava Cafe NYC
Kava Cafe NYC
Kava Cafe
Interior Design, Graphics, Creative Direction
Roman and Williams
Matthew Winter

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